Our services consist in checking the various components, taking responsibility for the final result of the control activities that are performed. The services provided by Sigma Automotive result in significant product quality improvements, helping to eliminate unforeseen costs associated with customer complaints. Sigma is supported by the experience gained in this field of activity, respecting the existing norms and methodologies.

Sigma Automotive offers 100% visual inspection and quality control services in accordance with customer instructions. Quality controllers are recruited on the basis of well-defined criteria and are well trained to meet all the services and expectations in this area.

The controllers from Sigma Automotive are trained to perform measurement of parts with various devices and instruments: callipers of different sizes, indoor and outdoor micrometers, pocket roulette, flexible metallic ruler, comparator clock, and more. The Sigma team offers services in precision measurement and execution precision corresponding to the standards.

With the purpose to help our customers to deliver 100% compliant parts to their future customers, Sigma Automotive offers quality services and the ability to perform Firewall inspections to implement strict control until the production problems are solved.

Sigma has the necessary services to perform inspections and analyses of parts under the microscope or control magnifier. Thus, our inspectors can control small parts or detect defects that cannot be observed with the naked eye. Sigma offers these services and can perform inspections on any type of product.

We offer rework services to all our partners. Our inspectors receive a good preparation in this regard. These services are aimed at removing ruptures, burrs and irregularities on the surfaces of non-compliant parts with the help of file and rectified discs of various shapes (rectification, removing the excess of deburring material, cleaning with various solutions).

Sigma offers its clients technical and management consultancy services. We also offer the best auditing consultancy services based on well-defined and well-prepared specifications. The quality of the services offered by Sigma can be verified by the success of our customers.

Sigma Automotive provides the best means and resources to offer its customers and logistics services. In addition, we also have a space specially designed to control the parts. All logistics services are provided and are tailored to the needs and requirements of the customers with all the particular details for each individual customer.

The Resident Engineer represents the client at the supplier's factory. The main tasks of our Engineers are: to ensure compliance with the manufacturer's quality standards and to resolve potential problems instantly. Through an immediate response to quality issues, the Resident Engineer reduces the risk of damaging the reputation of the company that he represents. A person characterized by an analytical spirit, creativity and good interpersonal skills proves fit for this position.



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