The portfolios of Sigma Automotive are fundamental to the success of our customers.That's why we've been partnering for longer-term portfolios with several different organizations around the world to deliver powerful, comprehensive solutions that help our customers' core business processes. Among these portfolios are Rang 1 companies such as: BMW, Opel, Peugeot, Dacia, Kia, because the parts verified by our company are subsequently assembled by all major car manufacturers: Audi, BMW, GM, Renault, Toyota, VW , Ford, Kia, and Rank 2 such as: Lear Corporation Romania, Leoni Wiring Systems, etc. One of the major portfolios of our company claims that Lear Corporation Romania, which collaborates with the Sigma Services International S.R.L team, appreciates the services provided by Sigma Automotive and fully satisfies the requirements of Lear Corporation. All of these portfolios and services provided by Sigma Automotive have been provided in a more professional manner. Sigma has proven it can be a confident partner in producing high-quality services for firewall inspections, sorting, and inspections from inside the Continental Contitech, the production, and assembling line activity. 




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