Since 2008, we have provided services recognized by the seriousness, competence and gaining a vast experience along the years in quality control, in this way Sigma Automotive has become one of the increasingly active companies on the market, distinguished by its incontestable quality of service. Sigma Automotive is a company based in Pitesti that has staff with specialized training in the field of quality control.

About us we can say that we offer a multitude of services, focusing on flexible and prompt collaboration.If your company needs sorting operations for non-conforming parts received from suppliers, Sigma Automotive takes direct contact with them to ensure 100% the quality of compliant parts for production lines. Sigma Automotive has a very strict privacy policy in terms of customers, and we can provide you 100% quality of parts verification, assembled afterwards by all major car manufacturers worldwide, for example: Audi, BMW, GM, Renault, Toyota, VW, Ford, KIA, and the types of components that we qualitatively control can be small (i.e.connectors for automotive wiring, bolts, sealing gaskets, steering wheel buttons) to the largest dimensions (bushings, whole wires, brake discs and drums). Sigma Automotive offers a wide range of services in the field of quality control (visual inspection, sorting and retouching of parts) across the country. Sigma Automotive also collaborates with electronics and home electronics manufacturers. The advantages that recommend us, Sigma Automotive, are: the quality of service that we offer, the short reaction time, the over 98% satisfaction of our customers, and the ability to continually improve our employees.




Contact Address: Gh. Maior Sontu Street, No 8B, 4th Floor, Ap. 4, Postal Code 110043 Pitesti, Arges County

Phone & Fax: +4 0248.212.478

Working Hours: Monday - Friday 08:00-17:00

E-mail: office@sigmaautomotive.eu, sigma.automotive@yahoo.com

In case of emergency: 0751.515.209, 0753.022.163, 0753.022.161