The recruitment process of the company Sigma Automotive includes several steps:

1.Verification of resumes by Sigma team

The selection process of the Sigma team begins by checking the resumes. The Sigma Team verifies the skills compatibility and qualification of the candidates with the company's requirements, presented in the recruitment announcement to the careers section.

2. The interview

Those who submit to the careers section and who have the most suitable resumes are invited for an interview by the Sigma team at our headquarters. During the discussions with the team, we get familiar with the skills, knowledge, experience and hobbies of our candidates. At the same time, candidates are presented by our company, Sigma Automotive, and the job requirements they applied to. Normally, with the Sigma team, two interviews are held. Each interview with the Sigma team also includes a practical test in which candidates are asked to complete a theme that checks their predisposition for performing such a job and practical skill.




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